Can a married straight guy write a gay coming out novel?

Can a woman, straight or lesbian, write male/male romance?  What about the sex scenes? Coming out is a central part of LGBTQ lore, almost mythical, a rite of passage, often high risk, about revealing your secret inner core to those you care about, that you are different, perhaps that you are part of the dreaded […]

Bookstore Surprise

I walked into a favorite San Francisco shop, Chrisopher’s Books on Potrero Hill, and there it was, my debut novel, The Chronicles of Spartak–Rising Son.  Spartak looked right at home with his Science Fiction buddies.  Writing a novel is fun but seeing the end result out in public is even better.

A new Hunger Games or sexier Divergent?

Some reviews are more fun than others.  Here is a recent one I like and every author hopes to see: “There are many twists and turns that are rarely seen before they are sprung on the reader and the conclusion simply rocks the soul to the core…an ending that couldn’t have been imagined by the […]

A new video with some early reviews

I am excited about some of the reviews for Spartak.  It is particularly gratifying when readers understand what I was trying to do. “One of the many aspects of this novel [that is] unique is his placing the story in the near future (no apocalypse tale, this) by projecting the realities of now into the […]

What does it mean if there is no middle class?

I like this piece of art.  It exemplifies the state of American politics.  The American flag and money.  Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders denounce the role of wealth in politics (amplified by the US Supreme Court) and the widening gap on income inequality.  For many it is an abstract warning, for others, fuel for anger.  […]