Give him a home!

Yes, today Spartak is out there, fighting for freedom in 2115, a teenage athlete and slave in a twisted America.

And today, I am out there with him as a published author, his creator. And it’s a little scary. Sort of like the first time I ran for public office wondering if anyone would vote for me. Now I am out there with Spartak starring in my debut novel.  Seeing the two of us on Amazon or the Barnes & Noble web sites (his face, my name) is strange.

But reviews are good. This is my favorite, from QueerSciFi:
“If you love The Hunger Games, and you want a bit more of a gritty and adult feel, you may love Rising Son.”

You can free Spartak through these fine booksellers:

Spartak – and I! – will be grateful!

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  • Kevin

    Congrats, Steve. I’ll order a copy today. Looking forward!

  • David Nathanson

    Mazel Tov! I just ordered the book and I can’t wait to get it.

    I’m so very proud of you and I know how much love, effort and passion you put into this book.

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