SpartakCloseupBlueGrey copyI am excited about some of the reviews for Spartak.  It is particularly gratifying when readers understand what I was trying to do.

“One of the many aspects of this novel [that is] unique is his placing the story in the near future (no apocalypse tale, this) by projecting the realities of now into the permutations of the extremes of today’s devices and behaviors. Premonitions/prophecies? Perhaps, but the case he builds makes solid sense, like it or not.”  Grady Harp, Amazon.

Yes, I see it first as a political novel but told in an action adventure format through the voice of a teenager forced to live in the world we created.  And as a gay man, some of the most enjoyable comments have come from LGBTQ readers who accept Spartak as one of their own. 

Here is the video:  “If you love The Hunger Games….

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