qsf-new-logo-1000A fascinating web site focused on speculative fiction and science fiction has featured Chronicles of Spartak: Freedom’s Hope. The site specializes in books with LGBTQ protagonists and it’s name is delicious: QueerSciFi.com

Great colors and design with worlds beyond full of possibilities. The group seeks to promote new voices in literature and help serious writers, often shut out of the chaotic and high walled traditional publishing world, find a platform. I admit to being hooked on all types of fiction and biographies, but I particularly like to sample the work of authors who self-publish or are in small presses. There are some dreadful books but also some shinning suns. And QueerSciFi tries to build an audience for their work. Way to Go QSF!

I think it is both exciting and sad that we are in the midst of a revolution in publishing. It used to be that self-publishing, paying someone to print your book, was considered vanity publishing. Perhaps it was yet that staid world of publishing with snooty agents and publishers is crumbling. Parts will survive and others will wither. In that world and even today, many book reviewers and traditional publishers snarl, laugh, or just ignore many new talents, not bothering to look. Agents need to screen for publishers and publishers give many mainstream book reviewers their approved lists. Amazon has changed that world and Barnes&Noble, iBooks and other sources will now list such books, ebooks and soft/hard cover, for order and sale. Most newspapers will still ignore them but sites such as QSF and other online book sites are trying to make sure that new authors finds an audience. And for that, the world of literature is richer.

Find Spartak on the January 25th posting.


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