America’s future history.

Spartak tells his own story in this two book series. This future-history lets you ponder the world we are creating for our children while enjoying a “Swashbuckling thriller,” as one reviewer put it. And it is reassuring to know that there are still heroes, even in 2116.

QSF Likes Spartak!

A fascinating web site focused on speculative fiction and science fiction has featured Chronicles of Spartak: Freedom’s Hope. The site specializes in books with LGBTQ protagonists and it’s name is delicious: Great colors and design with worlds beyond full of possibilities. The group seeks to promote new voices in literature and help serious writers, […]

Ayn, Paul, Spartak and January 16

This photo may or may not be authentic. It shows House Speaker Paul Ryan with a cutout of the late novelist Ayn Rand. The Speaker has been quoted as saying her best seller, Atlas Shrugged, is one of his favorites. It is this relationship between a powerful politician and an author of fiction that inspired […]

Photo of a 22nd century action hero

Spartak has a new look–a photo rather than a drawing. He seems more real, contemplating the odds he faces to survive and triumph in the world we are creating for him. The state of American politics today makes his story more history than fiction. The re-designed cover is in preparation for the second book in […]

Book Award Finalist

The Chronicles of Spartak is a finalist in a major national book contest in science fiction and LGBTQ. Spartak is a little nervous by the attention but will still go home with you.