Spoiler Alert

If you have not yet read the novel, these discussion questions may reveal important plot points.

Suggested Questions for a Reading Group: No easy answers.

A. Children born today could easily be alive in 2115. Will they inhabit Spartak’s America? Could America change this much over the next century? How?

B. Is the kind of economic slavery envisioned in the novel a ridiculous notion or could something like this actually happen? Restaveks are real in Haiti.

C. Was Spartak weak in accepting his harvesting as he did or should he have fought harder? What were his options?

D. Some say tightening restrictions on voting makes sure only legitimate voters are registered. Others say restrictions to make voter registration more complex disadvantages classes of voters. What do you think?

E. Is wealth concentration a real issue or phony? Won’t capitalism make it all work out eventually?

F. Is it conceivable the middle class could disappear? If so, what might America look like? If not, how would America evolve in a hundred years?

G. Spartak acted as a warrior in battle, killing enemies, seeking vengeance, protecting friends and family. Was he morally wrong or a hero?

H. Globalization is blamed in part for the collapse of the middle class. Does that make sense? Doesn’t globalization mean lower priced goods for consumers?

I. Is it conceivable the consumer economy could disappear? Is it good or bad either way?

J. Can religion change over time? Can it be hijacked?

K. Could a poor LGBT teenager be a mainstream American hero? Today? In a hundred years?