Spoiler Alert

If you have not yet read the novel, these discussion questions may reveal important plot points.

Suggested Questions for a Reading Group: No easy answers.

A. Could Spartak’s world happen?

B. Do you see signs of danger in today’s America?

C. What are possible consequences of wealth concentration?

D. How vulnerable is democracy? Is voter suppression real? Could the middle class disappear?

E. Spartak and AR2 talk about going back to the vision of the founders. Yet several men who signed the Declaration of Independence were slave holders, including Thomas Jefferson. Is Spartak’s argument wrong? Do Jefferson’s statement in the Declaration of Independence — “All men are created equal,”— trump the slavery paradox? Can we separate that issue and focus on the words in the preamble to the Constitution about forming “a more perfect union.” What does that mean?

F. Does voting or not voting have consequences? Do you vote?

G. Could a bisexual teenager become a symbol of revolution? Can a protagonist be bisexual or gay and be accepted as a legitimate mainstream hero? Does a gay protagonist make it a gay novel? Does a straight protagonist make it a hetero novel?

H. Can America someday embrace the range of sexual diversity in Spartak’s world or will religious and cultural opposition prevail?

I. What did you think of the characters: Zinc, Spartak & Kinuba?