Science Fiction/Fantasy/Young Adult/LGBTQ+ Fiction

Chosen by mystical warriors to protect a parallel Earth from a catastrophic future, a young man must push his mental and physical abilities to the limits if he is to help save mankind.

As seventeen-year-old Darwin McQuaid flees high-school bullies, he is saved by a mysterious stranger; an indigenous teenage warrior who was born 500 years in the past.

Strong and powerful, Daruk possesses an intelligence that exceeds his rugged youthful appearance, and Darwin is drawn to learn more about him. Surprisingly, the high-school junior discovers that the enigmatic warrior has a connection to an old family friend—an elderly indigenous shaman called Uncle His.

As the physical attraction intensifies between Darwin and Daruk, the warrior reveals a secret—that he and Uncle His are Guardians of the Passageway and are destined to protect the crossroads of three parallel universes, three Earths, each 500 years apart.

Discovering worlds he never knew existed, along with an untapped power within himself, can the young man become the warrior needed to defend this ancient world from corrupt invaders? Or will the death and danger of a more primitive time prove to be too much for this 21st-century teen?