Rape: Not Just A Boy’s Game

In the Chronicles of Spartak—Rising Son, a female law enforcement officer takes a young man into custody and rapes him at the police station while other officers snicker and look away.  He meekly submits, as he had before, because she has power over his family in the dystopian America of 2116.  I did the scene […]

America, militant Christianity and the 22nd century

The Chronicles of Spartak–Rising Son is based on our world not a galaxy far far away.  No Chewbaccas or vampires.  Reality is scary enough. On one level, the novel is an action adventure with a bisexual protagonist set a century out in San Francisco.  Yet it is also intended as a commentary on political and […]


Libraries, architecture, ancient treasures and secret societies. 

Spartak is in Amazon’s Top 100 in his genre. And he has a new video


Read More. Live Longer.

Librarians were right.  So was your high school English teacher.  A Yale University study proves, or at least suggests, that reading is good for you. In fact, reading books thirty minutes a day can extend your life two years. Spartak Jones, shown here in his personal library, is an avid reader.  He is typical of […]