Copperhead Goes Public!

February 25, 2022

Abel Torres begins telling his story on March 25, 2022. Amazon will carry both the eBook and paperback versions. And it is available for pre-order before that date.

This mixed-race young man had a difficult childhood but loving parents who taught him to sing and persevere. He knows his voice is his future. He never imagined it would bring him to the attention of the FBI and recruited to go undercover and foil a terrorist plot.

“The action-packed…expertly told narrative brings top-level entertainment mixed with an important awareness for the plights of the LGBTQ community and minority groups in the U.S. Fans of LGBTQ action will love this large, well-woven plot that includes passionate love and sex, espionage, the FBI, terrorism, music, the media, and politics…”
San Francisco Book Review

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  1. Jack Saunders
    Jack Saunders says:

    This author has vision. Spartak seemed literally precient, down to the real name of a real-life authoritarian maniac’s son. Is the future of “influencers” now about to be revealed? I’m grateful that the hour is drawing near. Congratulations, Steve!


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