America’s future history.

Spartak tells his own story in this two book series. This future-history lets you ponder the world we are creating for our children while enjoying a “Swashbuckling thriller,” as one reviewer put it. And it is reassuring to know that there are still heroes, even in 2116.

QSF Likes Spartak!

A fascinating web site focused on speculative fiction and science fiction has featured Chronicles of Spartak: Freedom’s Hope. The site specializes in books with LGBTQ protagonists and it’s name is delicious: Great colors and design with worlds beyond full of possibilities. The group seeks to promote new voices in literature and help serious writers, […]

A new video with some early reviews

I am excited about some of the reviews for Spartak.  It is particularly gratifying when readers understand what I was trying to do. “One of the many aspects of this novel [that is] unique is his placing the story in the near future (no apocalypse tale, this) by projecting the realities of now into the […]