Ayn, Paul, Spartak and January 16

This photo may or may not be authentic. It shows House Speaker Paul Ryan with a cutout of the late novelist Ayn Rand. The Speaker has been quoted as saying her best seller, Atlas Shrugged, is one of his favorites. It is this relationship between a powerful politician and an author of fiction that inspired […]

A new Hunger Games or sexier Divergent?

Some reviews are more fun than others.  Here is a recent one I like and every author hopes to see: “There are many twists and turns that are rarely seen before they are sprung on the reader and the conclusion simply rocks the soul to the core…an ending that couldn’t have been imagined by the […]

Slavery in 2016. The average cost of a slave is $90. Probably more in the U.S.

Slavery is not legal anywhere, including the United States, but it happens everywhere.  In 1981, Mauritania became the last country in the world to abolish slavery.  Yet most major studies indicate it thrives there.  And it does in America.  There are believed to be more slaves in the world today than at the height of […]

An action adventure about 22nd century slavery and a heroic protagonist with a fluid sense of sexuality

I admit being totally transfixed by this photo of a bald eagle. I saw one some years ago, alive and defiant, perched a few feet away at a library fundraiser for our new Environmental Center. The raptor had been injured and was brought by caregivers who were restoring it to health. They kept misting its eyes to keep it calm. I couldn’t look away.

This is the symbol of America. Ben Franklin preferred the turkey. In a letter to his daughter in 1784, he said the eagle was of bad moral character and the turkey far more respectable and “a true original Native of America.” Personally, I’m glad he lost on that issue. A turkey face is just not the same.