America’s future history.

Spartak tells his own story in this two book series. This future-history lets you ponder the world we are creating for our children while enjoying a “Swashbuckling thriller,” as one reviewer put it. And it is reassuring to know that there are still heroes, even in 2116.

QSF Likes Spartak!

A fascinating web site focused on speculative fiction and science fiction has featured Chronicles of Spartak: Freedom’s Hope. The site specializes in books with LGBTQ protagonists and it’s name is delicious: Great colors and design with worlds beyond full of possibilities. The group seeks to promote new voices in literature and help serious writers, […]

America, militant Christianity and the 22nd century

The Chronicles of Spartak–Rising Son is based on our world not a galaxy far far away.  No Chewbaccas or vampires.  Reality is scary enough. On one level, the novel is an action adventure with a bisexual protagonist set a century out in San Francisco.  Yet it is also intended as a commentary on political and […]

Read More. Live Longer.

Librarians were right.  So was your high school English teacher.  A Yale University study proves, or at least suggests, that reading is good for you. In fact, reading books thirty minutes a day can extend your life two years. Spartak Jones, shown here in his personal library, is an avid reader.  He is typical of […]