Copperhead (Book 1)

Student. Singer. Lover. Spy.

When his family is torn apart, a college freshman uses his charm and looks to infiltrate the world of the rich and powerful risking his life for a greater cause.

Abel Torres knew hardship growing up but with his high-octane singing voice the young man dreams of a bright future with a scholarship to San Francisco State.

A mentor at the university, knowing his desperation, makes an unusual introduction and soon the handsome 19-year-old is performing at a swank party, charming California’s political and social elites.

The wealthy host offers to connect him with rich gay men who would pay handsomely for his attention. Battling his conscience and pride, he accepts the offer. Complicating his life, he begins dating a sassy waiter who just might be the love he is seeking.

The FBI approaches him after he begins seeing a gay Congressman, asking him to work undercover to help bring down a terrorist plot on U.S. soil.

As Abel faces ever greater dangers, can he juggle his various identities as a student, singer, lover, and spy? Or will he lose everyone he loves if they discover just how far he’s gone to save them?

Action-packed, sensational, and expertly told narrative…brings top-level entertainment mixed with an important awareness for the plights of the LGBTQ community and minority groups in the US. Fans of LGBTQ action will love this large, well-woven plot that includes passionate love and sex, espionage, the FBI, terrorism, music, the media, and politics. As Steven A. Coulter’s newest fan, I can’t wait to see the masterpiece he creates next!