Copperhead (Book 1)

Abel Torres is Copperhead

Student. Singer. Undercover Agent.

Even as a boy in a church choir, Abel Torres seemed destined for greatness. The power of his voice brings any audience to its feet.

Now a college freshman, Abel sings at a swank cocktail party and charms California’s political and social elites. His looks—copper hair, cocoa skin, athletic elegance—turn heads. Yet behind the scenes, he struggles: his father, an undocumented Mexican immigrant, is deported, his African American mother faces eviction. He vows to do whatever it takes to help them. Sometimes you do things you’re not proud of to save those you love.

A gay Congressman invites Abel to perform at a major Q fundraiser where the politician is being honored. Abel is a sensation; a video goes viral. It brings him to the attention of the FBI. A criminal investigation into the Congressman’s activities is underway and an agent recruits him to work undercover to help expose a rapidly developing terrorist plot. This gay, mixed-race man, knowing the danger, infiltrates a hostile white supremacist underground.

A story about family, love of country, and the journey to courage and pride.

There are still heroes.

Action-packed, sensational, and expertly told narrative…brings top-level entertainment mixed with an important awareness for the plights of the LGBTQ community and minority groups in the US. Fans of LGBTQ action will love this large, well-woven plot that includes passionate love and sex, espionage, the FBI, terrorism, music, the media, and politics. As Steven A. Coulter’s newest fan, I can’t wait to see the masterpiece he creates next!