Copperhead 2 (Winter 23/24)

Hero. Heartthrob. Hustler. Prey.

Abel Torres is now one of the most famous young men in America, a national hero, a sophomore at San Francisco State on the edge of superstardom. At the same time, white supremacists seethe over his role in the death of their fellow conspirators, ruining dreams of a civil war.

As he prepares for the opening of Les Miz, a reporter quotes anonymous sources claiming he worked as a prostitute with dozens of wealthy men, not just the infamous congressman. Has he been betrayed? This could ruin his image and tank his career. His family would be disgraced. Prince Ali could be implicated, his uncle powerful and ruthless. Could Dirksen be arrested?

The pressure and rising violence begin to unravel the mental health of his boyfriend, Zachary. Abel signs a major record contract just as militia groups close in.

As always, his voice soars