Freedom’s Hope: Chronicles of Spartak (Book 2)

Speculative Fiction/LGBTQ Fiction

Fighting to restore the America of legend, Spartak Jones becomes one. By 2116, the war between the ruling elites is now full frontal and the seventeen-year-old has become its celebrity warrior and icon for an America that used to be.

Is he a pawn or hero? How much evil is acceptable if you believe your cause is just? Love may be his greatest weapon.

From the Space Elevator, 22,000 miles above the earth, Spartak and Zinc McClain launch an audacious scheme to thwart a religious war and a military coup.

Fast-paced, disturbing, heretical, uplifting, and ultimately romantic, the novel weaves science fiction, fantasy, politics and a strapping hero telling his own story.

Great speculative fiction. I could not put this one down once I started. Swashbuckling adventure in a dystopian 22nd century America. This is not really science fiction as much as speculative fiction, reminding me of Margaret Atwood (Handmaid’s Tale) or George Orwell. This is only the second book by this author so I am excited and look forward to see how he grows…There is a serious political underpinning with action, romance and great characters. And it makes you think–the author talks about the future we are shaping by our actions today. In this era of political division, fake news, social inequality, concentrating wealth and other horrors, this may be the world of our grandchildren.

Wow. This is a glorious love story. Spartak and Zinc are the perfect match for one another; they bring out the best in one another, their love giving them strength to face impossible odds. But it is so much more than a love story – it is set in the future, yet the message about freedom and justice and equality reflect what our world needs today. It is emotional and thought-provoking. I can’t wait for the next book.

The protagonist is a young and renowned athlete in a society that tolerates him for its entertainment. The writing is literate, direct, and a pleasure to read. There is a fascinating plot point—the return of slavery to the United States of America.